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What is Sprayology?
Sprayology is combined science and natural medicine to boost healing and well-being naturally. It offers an everyday approach by getting a healing response from your own body without the side effects other options tend to bring.

Sprayology at Blake and Co.

Why Choose Sprayology?
Sprayology is safe for children 2 and up. Its as easy as spraying it under your tongue, where it can be absorbed quicker into the bloodstream. You can combine several of the sprays into your daily routine and even add onto pharmaceutical medications.

Homeopathic and Vitamin Oral Sprays 

Rejuvenates collection– All seven formulas help with age related issues such as low energy, sex drive, menopause, weight loss, and bone density.

  • Rejuvenation Plus
  • Brain Power
  • Man Power
  • Women Power
  • Bone Builder
  • MenoPower
  • Diet Power

Relieves collection– All eight formulas help with everyday symptoms like sleepiness, allergies, colds and flu, digestion issues, jet lag, hangovers and snoring.

  • Arnica Power
  • AllergEase
  • Cold + Flu Relief
  • DigestivEase
  • SleepEase
  • TravelEase
  • Party Relief
  • Snore Soother

Restores collection– These eight formulas work to regain and restore balance disrupted by stress, toxicity and hormonal fluctuations.

  • Stress Relief
  • PMS Relief
  • Life Detoxer
  • ImmunoBooster
  • Body Skin Tonic
  • Acne Tonic
  • Hair + Nail Tonic
  • Body Balance

Rebuilds collection– These two formulas make taking your daily vitamins a breeze. Without a capsule, the vitamins make into your bloodstream in a timely manner and maintain more nourishment.

  • Daily Multi
  • B-12 + Folic Acid

Now That You Know!

Here at Blake and Co. we offer a selection of Sprayology. Stop in anytime and let us help you pick the best, natural and effective sprays to fit in your everyday life!