Bringing You Blake!

Blake Pierpoint Owner Blake and Co Hair Spa

This month we bring to you the owner of Blake & Company Hair Spa, Blake Pierpoint.   Blake has been styling hair since 2001.  She decided to start her own salon in 2008 and the rest is history. Celebrating their 9th birthday in May, she is beyond grateful for the support of people like you. “Being a 34-year-old business owner has its struggles but it is totally worth it in the long run,”  said Blake after being asked about growing from just having the hair salon to now operating a salon and day spa in the beautiful town of Front Royal. Blake was born in Fairfax, and grew up in Manassas, moving to Front Royal, in fourth grade was a change for her but she couldn’t see her life any other way.  Blake graduated from Warren County High School Class of 2001 and went straight to apprenticing at a salon in Warrenton while taking cosmetology classes in DC and Tyson’s Corner.

“I love cutting hair and doing full makeovers,” responds Blake when asked what her favorite salon service to perform.  “I love the shock factor,” she said.   One of her favorite memories was a surprise total makeover the salon did a couple years ago.  They went to Main Street in Front Royal and selected someone for a day of total pampering.  “I love being able to surprise someone and pamper them.” One of her favorite quotes is “Treat others how you wish to be treated” and if she had a superpower it would be to heal.   Blake has a huge heart and always wants to give and help the community in any way she can.

One of her favorite go-to products is Unite’s Boosta Shampoo and Conditioner.  She said, she loves it because “it gives a smooth but full look to your hair.” Boosta is a volume and body shampoo providing weightless volume, gentle cleansing with a thick lather, and it is color-safe, free of sulfates, parabens, and sodium chloride.  It is recommended for the best results to wet your hair, then apply BOOSTA Shampoo. Lather, rinse and repeat as necessary. Follow with BOOSTA Conditioner and your favorite UNITE styling products.

Blake Pierpoint, Hair Salon Front Royal
Family vacation in Charleston, South Carolina

A typical day for Blake starts with drinking A LOT of coffee, then jumping into her work whether she is at the salon or not. She currently resides in Strasburg, VA with her husband and daughter.   Her favorite color is purple, and she is not a fan of scary movies or haunted houses. While she won’t be watching a scary movie you may find her watching one of her favorite shows, “Greys Anatomy”, and she recently started “Riverdale” thanks to a client’s recommendation. She loves to travel and hopes to take her daughter to explore the world.  She dreams of going to Italy one day.  Her favorite trip, so far, is when she went to visit her cousin who was in the Marines in Hawaii.  One of her hidden passions is cooking and hosting parties, which you will see shine through in her many events at the salon.

Disney World!

She loves the family atmosphere of the salon and spa and looks forward to laughing with all of her co-workers.  She said, “It is easy to go to work because my girls make it so enjoyable.” When she needs a pick me up she may jam out to “Don’t Stop Believing” and singing the words out loud.  Blake has won many awards and was chosen to style hair for the America’s Next Top Model search in Washington, D.C. She was also a stylist for Project Runway finalist Wendy Pepper’s runway show and follow-up TV segments. She is always continuing her education and learning more about her profession.

Blake plans on being around for a long time and cannot wait to bring you all along on her journey.  She is so grateful for the years of service the community has allowed her to provide.  Blake is Thankful to each and every one of you

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